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Hey Board,

I'll be at AES this week and just wanted to know if there are any specific products people want some info on or any questions they'd like me to ask. I'd be happy to pick up some info for people.

Anyone else going, perchance?



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If yamaha has the new LS9 there (which I expect that they will), and you have time, check out it's usability, etc. and give the LS9 thread a post after doing so. With the pricepoint UNDER 8K for the 32 ch model, I'm really looking at this desk.


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You lucky duck! I'd love to go, but there's no way I can afford to fly out to California and pay a fortune to attend! sure to stop by the Lectrosonics booth and pay with their "new" SM transmitter and Venue receiver system. I'm curious to know how easy it is to use and how solidly built they feel.


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I am always looking for the next Shure innovation, anything you could get would be great.


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When will Yamy's personal monitor system be released? Will it use the ethernet port on the LS9 or will we need a MY card. Distributed/Racked I/O versions of PM5D, M7CL (for those of us who'd really like to do away with snakes and wouldn't a system of 1 rack and 2 M7 surfaces be handy?)?

Viable (sorry Mackie) competitors to the LS9?

Any scuttlebut on the impact of the FCC selling off UHF spectrum and any impact on mics/pms/intercoms.



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Well, I live about 40 minutes away, so it's hard not to go.

I'll definitely check out the LS9 since i'm thinking about it for a club here. It looks very promising; something to finally step up against the TT24. It'll certainly mean a trip back to the drawing boards for mackie.

Yeah, distributed I/O for mid-sized applications would sure be lovely. I'll see what I can find out.

As to the rest, no problem.

Hey, maybe if people ask nicely I'll even send you all some sweet pens!

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