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Alien Stagecraft oscRFR connection issue

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Txreilly, Jun 14, 2019 at 5:41 PM.

  1. Txreilly

    Txreilly Member

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    Houston, TX
    Once upon a time I was able to control the ETC Ion remotely from an app on my iPad. Now, the app indicates that it is disconnected and to select the alien [cube] to connect, but when I check this I have a "connected" indicator including green light and gray internet signal [should the signal indicator be other than gray?]. When I select keys on the iPad they respond to my touch but nothing appears on "Live:" command line. I thought my institution put the Ion on a "hidden" network which I cannot see on my iPad or iPhone. I painted out the network name and IP address in adobe Photoshop [PDF attached]. So, that's my question...can there be a situation where the iPad believes it is connected to the ETC ion board and at the same time NOT be connected because they are not on the same network? I know that sounds weird, but I've checked everything. I have the app on two different iPads and one iPhone. They all indicate that they are connected and none of them can control the console. I am trying to get a response from my IT. At our institution we have a public network (wifi), a private network and a hidden one for all our class instructor laptops. I can't see the hidden wifi (if it does exist) so I cannot select it on any of my Mac devices.

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  2. danTt

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    Can you ping the console from your device? Can you ping the device from your console? This will tell you if you have a network connection between the two. If so, what does tab 99 diagnostics show on the console if you enable osc tx/rx debug when connecting the app? If not, its an infrastructure problem.
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  3. Crisp image

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    Eastern Victoria Australia
    The EOS IP address needs to be in Ipad configuration. The I pad is connected to a network.
    Click the consoles button to see what is there.It will show you a list of consoles that has been configured. Next check the console ip address. Do this with a clear command line and press the about key. It will show you the info you need to know. Is there a matching console in the console list on the Ipad? If not you can either create one or edit the one that is there to be correct.
    See how you go with this. When the Ipad is connected the show file name will be displayed on top of your screen.
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