Here's my obligitory jump into the foray to say greetings. I work for a decorator/production company in Honolulu as an electrician/programer. I hope to learn a lot from all of you.


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Howdy! Welcome to!

Can I come visit you?!?!? haha I have never been to HI, but who doesnt want to visit!

From the looks of it, you have already made a few posts, and that's Great, keep it up! I hope we can learn alot from you too, as you learn from us!

Once again: Welcome to!
--The Official Welcome Wagon (part 2)


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welcome and love the avator


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Aloha kakahiaka... Welcome aboard and enjoy the forums and hope you find the answers you need, and feel free to answer any post you feel you can contribute to.



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Welcome to Controlbooth, have fun and keep posting!

-The Offficial Welcome Wagon (part 1 of 2)
AKA "Phil"

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