Automated Fixtures Altman 4 Rung Ladder used with Moving Lights

Would you use these Lighting Ladders with Moving Lights?

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Hi everyone,

The theatre that I work at has purchased some new Lighting Ladders to taildown from our Electrics. The Designer is wanting to hang some High End Technospot moving lights off the bottom rung of the Ladder. They are large, 90lb movers.

I have used these ladders at previous venues, but only with conventional fixtures. They only have a single C-Clamp to attach, and they tend to wanna rotate at the C-Clamp. The Rungs aren't Schedule 40. which is also a concern.

Has anyone ever used this ladder to hang Moving Lights?


Yes, I know we could have Welded them, but our Scenic/Welding Department is lacking.


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Altman doesn't give the specs on their website so if the WLL isn't printed on ladder itself you will need to reach out to them to find out the capacity of the ladder. I would swap out the C clamp for a beefier and rated clamp as the first step though.

90 pounds works out to a half dozen or so conventionals which should be within the design of the unit. The issue would be if the designer wants to fill it up with conventionals and then add a mover on as well.


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Two issues jump out at me.
1) Movers.. well.. Move! Thus, I see these frames pivoting.
2) Movers are NOT a static weight and can produce loads far greater than expected. Even if the frame hold up and the C-clamp holds, what about having that much weight on a fixed pinpoint location on your electric?


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It's only going to be one unit per ladder and on the bottom rung. The Technospot is 31" long, the ladder spacing is 24", rung to rung.

I'd swap the ladder clamp for a MegaClaw, then do an angled schedule 40 pipe brace to the position, with Cheeseboroughs, that'll give the ladder some stiffness and reduce sway.


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Also, when possible add a fade time to the pan and tilt parameters, or the MIB fade time. If you can make it 3-5 seconds, you should not get much shake.

I would also recommend changing to a real clamp, and an angled brace of pipe and cheeseboroghhs.

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