Altman comet retrofit/lamp upgrade


May 1, 2016
United States
Hello, the theater I work for just purchased two used Altman comet followspots. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to either retrofit the light with an led, or to put a brighter lamp in it adding a ballast to the fixture if needed. Right now it has an mr16 type lamp that's 400 watts.
I appreciate any suggestions .


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Mar 29, 2003
Contact Altman directly with this question. Could be an answer in voiding UL listing but seen to work well. A fixture can be re-lamped but it's a system and could defeate other parts of it say sufficiantly cooling. Once in a while such as with the HX-600 lamp, a factory might not re-submit for re-UL listing of the fixture with a new and different lamp due to the cost. HX-600 was designed for the Shakespeare but I don't think ever designated for the 360Q. Note also the Altman #100 fixtures are listed for 100 watts... anyone not use a 150w ETC lamp in them as normal?

As curious note... back like 20 years ago I used to get spare lamp requests for "ETC" lamps. I knew they were requesting some form of ETC S-4 lamps for their Leko's or PAR's... (and back than there was probably a 575w lamp available) but they did request ETC lamps which were current ANSI coded stock for lamps in normal use for our Altman #100 3" Fresnels as per our own specified lamp for them. Did that quickly make changes at work for what lamp requested, and start a program of say a crew chief knowing what lamp should be used on a fixture... yep... quickly. At least our staff figured it out... still had 700w moving light lamps installed into 1.2Kw fixtures etc. at times. But it worked for the staff to know lamp/fixture combinations. My argument in memorizing what lamp for what fixture they were replacing a lamp on it was: if 70' up on a truss in requesting a replacement lamp from a "stage hand", you should know what lamp you are wanting among many various lamps to choose from. Concept worked fine for a few years untl we dummied down that concept.


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Mar 18, 2021
Clermont, FL
Hello Alfonso!! I was wondering if you ever made any headway on this topic? I am in the same boat. Maybe a custom manufactured led?

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