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Hey all! New member, first post.

I work at a univ. and have been having light issues with some Shakespeares in one of our halls. We pulled the bases and noticed some corrosion in the sockets of all troubled fixtures. I'm looking to replace the sockets but havent been able to find an exact replacement. The socket is stamped with BPS-1200 but thats nowhere to be found other than a german retailer. Parts diagram and full compass use p/n 58-0018 but the images on both dont match the sockets in our fixtures.

A little help would be wonderful!

Thank you!

I dont know if the Images worked.


Is it the TP-220 or the TP-22 socket? They both look a little different than the original, but I also didnt think that a new replacement might have changed more than expected.


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Based on the heatsink in the picture, I'm guessing a TP-220 would be a better option than the regular TP-22.


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