amazing how hard it is


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for a sound company to setup stage preview speakers.

yea well we cut the wiring out of the budget so we have no stage preview for you. so we try and get them back for months to setup a system they left the speakers a connector cable and an amp in the rack.

know how hard it was for me to take some time and hook them up my self?

hmm this looks like it runs to the aux output cables up in the booth the numbers match up let's see what it does. bam! signal now down at the stage preview amp, amp already wired just the wires weren't hooked up to the board.

alright great now we just gotta figure out how to connect the speakers, hmm bannana ends? (unscrew the end) BAM! wire those bad boys into the amp and plug em in.

and voyla! bam! two nice stage monitors for our drama production all in 30 minutes.


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when you say "stage preview speakers" are you referring to backstage and greenroom monitor ?
My next question would be; "How much did you get paid to do that particular project?" While it's all well and good that you did it in thirty minutes, consider for a moment what it would take for a profesional technician from the contracted sound company to do the same thing. As you have stated, on multiple occasions, your GC went bankrupt or hd some other major meltdown. If the GC goes belly up then the sub-contractors don't get paid. If the subs don't get paid they can't afford to send some guy from Boston out to B.F. Mass to work on a project they aren't getting paid for. So the techs finished the major parts of the job, and left a few loose ends ? Be glad they didn't walk off before the amp rack wasn't complete, or before the patch bay was fully wired up.
So in response to your statement, "Amazing how hard it is for a sound company to setup stage preview speakers.?" I'd say not very hard and it would probably take the same amount of time it took you, or perhaps a bit longer, but your not really looking at the whole story.


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the general contractor went under, i'm not sure about the specifics either it was the origional one that started the project or the current one that we would have had the whole time and we're their last job so they're just finishing it up. But either way, the sound system was hired out to a professional sound company so that's who was suppose to come back out. The thing was they cut the wiring from the budget that would run from the amp to where you would connect the bannana end. something that was cut on paper and didn't make practical sense as we had the speakers, the amp, the wiring upto the booth, and the twist lock cable.

so my post was aimed at how long we've spent waiting to have them come out (they told us if we needed them to come out just give them a call) and instead we just got tired of it and did it our self.

also I'm speaking of the back stage speakers so the actors can hear them selves on stage. there's a preview system in the chorus / band room which could be considered our "green room"

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