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Jan 16, 2017

Photo: Frank Lambrechts

A collection of 410 pixel mapped ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures, supplied by Phlippo Productions, stirred up summer excitement at Belgium’s largest beach festival “2 Meisjes op het Strand.” Ranked among the most popular events in Northern Europe, the festival is known for more than just music. Also drawing thousands of fans and attracting a large national TV audience on Flemish network VTM are the breathtaking harbor vistas at the festival site. At this year’s event, lighting designer Michiel Milbou and his team at Never Fear Shadows did justice to the festival’s music and its surroundings with a stunning stage and lighting design that drew on the brightness and versatility of our ÉPIX Strip IP.

Photo: Frank Lambrechts

Never Fear Shadows’ design concept for the festival was centered around a 60m x 20m translucent stage structure built exclusively from the ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures. The structure provided sizzling visual support for the music of K3, Niels Destadsbader, Gers Pardoel and other stars. At the same time, it also left clear sight lines to the festival’s beautiful scenic backdrop for the live audience and TV viewers. This was particularly important for TV viewers during sweeping panoramic shots of the festival.

“Being long and thin linear fixtures, the ÉPIX fixtures functioned as ideal building blocks for the structure while simultaneously doubling as the lighting sources,” said Milbou “As a result, we were able to fulfill all practical criteria whilst offering spectators a visually engaging experience.

“The intense brightness and pixel mappable effects of the fixtures allowed us to fulfill VTM’s wish to create a visually impressive installation – which looked just as good on television as it did live,” he continued. “What’s more, the excellent brightness ensured that we were able to use all of the fixture’s pixel mapping features during the festival’s daylight hours too.”

Given the outdoor nature of the festival, the Never Fear Shadows team also had to take another important aspect into consideration: the volatile Belgian summer weather. Fortunately, the IP outdoor-rated construction of the ÉPIX fixtures ensured that all-weather operation was absolutely guaranteed.

Photo: Frank Lambrechts

“In addition to being impressed by the ÉPIX fixtures’ excellent brightness and pixel mapping capabilities, we really valued the IP rating, since we were using them outdoors,” said Milbou. “Although the weather over the two days wasn’t as catastrophic as forecasted, it was nevertheless great to have peace of mind and the assurance of knowing that we would be okay if it did rain.”

Beyond the practical benefits of providing clear sight lines to the harbor and protecting against the elements, the ÉPIX fixtures offered a more intangible benefit too. “ÉPIX enabled us to transcend the typical lighting show by constructing a staging structure drawing heavily on architectural design,” said Milbou. “We’re very happy with the end result!”

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