Analog (0 -10v) Control


Hi, I control the lighting for the local Amateur dramatics, we have three dimmers (1 zero88 betapak, 2 zero88 betapak2's) One of these has DMX imputs, but they all have analog input, and this is how I operate them, using a Zero88 Level 18 board.

I want to be-able to use a PC, or laptop to control the lights, and store my scenes, because this may be cheper than buying a cool new board we couldn't possibly afford.

But every software package out there seems to be dominated by DMX output now-a-days. Is there a way of my using a PC package for analog output, or some kind of converter.

Does anyone know where I could get the DMX add-ins for our dimmers? and how much they cost? if that is an option??

(I am based in the UK)

Thanks for the help, I hope to be posting here more often.

Hi there,

It may be best to find a demux unit, which basically converts an analgoue signal to DMX so that you can use it with a computerised unit and corresponding software. Where abouts exactly are you based I might be able to come and help sort stuff out if you got stuck ! :)

I thought betapak 2s came as standard with DMX ? Are you sure they both do not have it, I know the betapak 1 dont have it but am sure they do as its what my theatre uses.

Whilst a Pc does seem cheaper you have to factor in the fact that it can crash adn hence a backup unit maybe handy.

Give zero88 a call they are usually really helpful and could probs sort you out with some DMX cards if indeed the betapak 2 doesnt have one !!
Thanks for your reply, I'm based around the midland, not far from Stratford upon Avon (I'm sure everyone here knows where that is!)

I will look for Demux units, I understand the implications that a PC based system could cause, and it would need some thought, the idea is that I could use my own laptop..

The old betapak2 is at least 4 years old (it was there when I joined), it has the blanking holes, but no socket it seems.. (I'll have a closer look next time I'm down there)

But I will look for a Demux, any recommendations on where I could find one (I'll search google)

Check around this site as a whole. Very recently there has been a huge number of posts with the same exact question you've asked. If you look just in the last 20 or go through the lighting forum or the general discussion forum you'll find a ton of very good software and hardware alternatives to a new board.

Yeah ... I didn't mean don't respond here and just make them look through all the other stuff I just wanted to state that the search could just be alot easier and yeild alot more information. Sorry if it came across the other way I just wanted to make sure it didn't.

I did use the Search when I first came across the site but only under lighting questions. the results I found, and software I found still only seemed to mention DMX systems. Whereas I have an analog system..

Thats the unit I use at the moment and its really good maybe a tad too big for your use though !! Try googling for a smaller Demux unit I am sure you will find something. The only problem with Zero88 packs is that they wire their analogue differently so you need to wire up converters to get everythnig right. If i remember rightly :p


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