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Jul 15, 2005
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We have an iOS list, time for an Android list...

Gel (Color), Gobo Libraries, and Reference Tools
AV Tools (Free, Pro version for $3.19US)
- Contains various tools and calculators for audio, lighting, power, and video. Also contains pin-outs for various audio and video connectors.

Pinouts (Free)
- Complete collection of common audio / video / lighting / computer and other connector pinouts

Swatchbook (Free, add-free version is $0.99US) Description from the Android Market:
A swatchbook for lighting designers to pick gels from. Has Rosco, Lee, Gam, and Apollo gels listed. Allows a designer to find similar gels to any they may have, and even suggestions for gel colors based on a picture. Gels may be saved to lists to remember for a later date.
Barbizon Handbook (Free)
-Handbook from Barbizon containing information with regards to theatre technology, particularly lighting and electrics.

iGobo (Free)
-Apollo Gobo collections viewer.

Technical Calculators

LX'PERT Dip Switch (Free)
- Basic dip switch calculator

Sound Meter (Free)
- SPL meter app uses your phone mic to measure noise volume in decibels(db), and shows a reference

Stage Lighting Beam Calculator (Free)
- Simple calculator for determining beam and field spread information for common theatrical lighting fixtures. It comes preloaded with data for 50 units plus has the ability to calculate generic spreads for fixtures not included.
Electrodroid (Free)
-Large collection of calculators, pinouts and other data related to electronics

CAD, Image Editors, Content Creation.

AutoCAD WS (Free)
-Mobile editor for DWG files.