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Another Newbie Here...

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by TechnicallyDiverse, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. TechnicallyDiverse

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    S. Florida...soon to be S. Carolina where do I start? I'm an actor/stagehand/technician/designer. I love theatre...every aspect of it and try to soak up every bit of info available. This started for me waaaaaay back in high school. I attended a tiny little high school in a small po-dunk town. We had about 5 people in our drama club and we were all dorks, lol! (Isn't that always the way?) I forgot all about theatre to attend college an attempt a "real" career in pharmacy. Yeah...that didn't work out. I quicky changed my college major to Theatre...You can imagine how that enraged the folks. I guess it didn't matter anyway because I soon dropped out of school to get married and have babies. yeah...I really did. I've since divorced, returned to school, made a few short films, commericials, music videos, and theatre productions...only to find out out that my main love would be BACKSTAGE! I'm currently an assistant costume designer and technician at my university and I also work as a stagehand and FOH manager at one of the local V&PA Centers/Concert Halls. I enjoy learning new things everyday and although everything I've learned has been beneficial...I think I have finally found my niche with lighting. It's tough to concentate in just one area for me...but I truly believe this is it....wish me luck!
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  2. Van

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    Project Manager, Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
    Portland, Or.
    Hey Welcome Aboard ! , You know you could have tha makings of a T.D. with a diverse background and inability to specialize. < I hate pigeon holing myself> Personally I find ADHD to be quite beneficial in my line of work ! :p

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