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:) Hello All,

My name is Joe. I am a Volunteer for our church, designated as the House Technician. I have been a roadie for Sound and lights for awhile but never really took the reins as a LD. We have a "designated" sound engineer, so i am happily left with the lights. ControlBooth is great and i am looking forward to learning from you all, not just lights, but everything as well.Time flies when your learning..:p


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Welcome aboard! Always good to see new folks. Ignore the intense interrogation that will begin briefly. It's never good to get involved.

Use the search feature to dig up alot of good threads that have answered important questions in the past. No question is a stupid question, unless it's been asked before and you can find it by searching.


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Welcome Joe. Where are you at in this big world... you aren't another one of those sneaking Aussies are you?

Let us know how we can help. As Soundlight said there's a ton of great information in the archives so do some searching. Then ask questions when you get stuck.

Welcome to the Booth!


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Welcome aboard from Australia.
Share with us your worst fears and greatest hopes (theatrically).
And I don't know what this interrogation business is. We are all friendly and welcoming.


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We need a form letter for new members with blanks to fill in.


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Welcome Aboard, glad to have you here. I'm sure you'll learn lots. There are a lot of really knowledgeable folks around in almost every discipline.

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