Anoucement Gate


In my youth group we have a bouncer that stands out side to greet the parents of the youth before the kids leave. How things work is that he will get the name of the kid from the parent then he will comunicate to a leader in the building through a two way. Then she will anounce it over the PA that is currently playing music. Nobody likes this process. He was asking me if there is any way for us to purchase a mic for him to wear and a device that would cut the music signal long enough for him to make an annoucement over the PA without anyone being there to mess with the mixer. So he is wanting an automatic gate of some sort. Does anyone know of anything that does this?
its done through relays and thats all i know, if some body does know the type and how to put one in i would be intereted for the applications at school and other places
You can do this with almost any compressor. Pick up an Alessis 3630 or Behringer Composer on eBay for around $40 or $50.

Set it up to run stereo linked and run each channel of your music through it. Then split the input from a wireless headset that your bouncer is wearing. Run one side through a regular channel to be put out through the PA, and the other one plugs into that side chain jack. When he talks, half his signal triggers the comp to lower the music and the other half goes out over the speakers.

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