Any reviews on the Moon575 Followspot?


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Being one that grew up with Strong, and later had a collection of Satellites, I am a little cautious about this one. Looks good on paper with an output similar to the old Satellites, but has only a 3 color boom, with fixed diachronic? My needs for my "Mid Life Crises Tour" are far more modest then the old days. Still can't believe I sold the Satellites when I retired for around $750, but how many years can one kick oneself? ;) So, anyone use one of these? For that matter, are there any other good spots in the $2000 range out there? Seems there is a hole between the $1k range and the $4k range.


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Try the Lycian Midget 1k. We have two at my school, and I've seen them at loads of places. Good, dependable, medium-throw followspot. (Model 1206, top-right)
Found it online for about $1500.

The HMI version of that light is probably one of the best spots lycian has made. They are small light that can fit into nearly any position. I built hanging yokes for two of them and hung them in a FOH position for a recent show I did. They are a great short throw unit.


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You've got a third for the 1206 model. Lycian makes great units, and this is one if their best.


Back to the Moon575- I have several of them in stock, and they work really well in fact. Unless you want gobos and other arbitrary things, stick a nice straw in the front and it comes out beautifully even on camera!

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