Anyone ever repaired a speaker driver?

Hi again guys,

We have a monitor (hifi kind) speaker in our control room that has a hole in the mid-range driver. One of the techs took it upon himself to fix the slight distortion at medium volume levels (way below its proper capacity) caused by a dent in the driver and has now put a hole in it!

How would I best go about fixing the hole?
How could I fix the dent in the other speaker's mid-range driver?

Any responses are as usual very much appreciated.

Well as far as fixing the dent goes the easy thing to do would be to suck it back in. You can do this with a very very low powered vacum (hook it up to a dimmer) or you can pucker up and suck it out yourself. I have done this on many different speakers and it works great. As far as repairing holes depending on the size it can be as simple as a small amount of glue or some substace simular.
I pulled a dent out of a cheap hi-fi monitor that I have with a vaccum, it worked quite well. I had to use it on full blast because it was a smaller houseold vac, not a shop vac. Still sounds kinda iffy, but it works.
It probably wouldn't be that hard to replace the entire driver cone (if the speakers are any good). I've never tried to replace the cone of a speaker, but I spent some time last year refoaming the drivers of two Boston Acoustics home-stereo speakers that had a rather nasty case of foam rot. I know the company that I bought the new foam from offers new cones as well, and I have found them to be quite reliable and include clear instructions. The link to their reconing page is:

Probably gluing the hole would work as well, but replacing the cone would fully repair it.
Thankyou all for the responses! :)

I'm on holidays at the moment but when we get back next term I shall try it out and report back!

Thanks again.
BenjaminD said:
stereo speakers that had a rather nasty case of foam rot.
Now that you mention it - these speakers had sat outside for a period. I dont know whether going near them with a vac would suck them out of existence!


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