Anyone have a favorite frost for Lustr 3's?


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We finally had the opportunity to hang our new Lustr 3's at FOH. They are nice and bright. I'm not super happy about how unbalanced they are. The barrels are heavy. The 26* barrels aren't to bad. The 19s are noticeable and you have to have a good hold on them when you loosen the clutches. The 14*s are tough to handle. You really have to have a hold of the handle on them and keep probably 10+lbs of pull on the handle to keep them from slamming straight down. I'm sure we'll get used to it though. A couple other things I'm not a fan of is the NFC doesn't work that well. Tried an iPhone 13 and a Galaxy S20 and neither worked well. Maybe 5% of the time they would actually connect and let you upload changes. The other thing was that I the lockout switch keeps you from turning the light on at the fixture manually for focus. It would be nice if that feature worked without unlocking it to make sure no one fat fingers any other settings.

Anyway on to my real question. What do you like for frost to get a nice even blend? We tried R132 and it was useless, the field is just to flat for it to do much. R119 worked ok but wasn't great. There was much more spill then I would have liked. And R114 just made light vomit wtih tons of spill. I know that gel isn't really the right way to go about this as there are specific filters designed for LED units, some that go in the gobo holder, and others that go in the gel slot. Does anyone have any experience with the different options to get a nice blend like R132 on a conventional fixture?
The Smooth Wash diffusor is designed to help make even washes with multiple fixtures.


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