Apollo Right arms - 2 units


Hi all -

I have 2 lightly use right arms for sale - I used them for a moving projector system for my dance company
(see lostwax.org)

$400 each - you pay actual shipping costs

2 Apollo Right Arms
all parts with Edison plugs

very lightly used for moving video projection

The Right Arm™ adds pan and tilt capabilities to a wide range of static theatrical and studio lighting fixtures, allowing the designer to maximize the lighting rig without crowding fixtures or over-extending the budget. Video cameras and LCD projectors can be blended into the lighting rig with minimal preparation, providing easy adjustment from the lighting console. The Right Arm™ conveniently repositions these devices in theatrical and church productions, corporate events, trade shows—anywhere flexibility in the light plot is needed. With the repositioning capabilities of the Right Arm™ reductions in equipment costs, labor costs, and safety hazards may be realized.

Two point integral balancing system allows the use of fixtures which are front or rear heavy, i.e. a long throw ellipsoidal or an ellipsoidal using a color changer on the front, without adding counter weights or modifying the fixture.
Offers a wide range of adjustment for fixture heights and widths without removing shutters or existing yokes.
Pan and tilt range can be defined using built-in range presets. This limits the Right Arm™ to areas that require light and increases accuracy. An optional speed control channel provides smooth movement with all loads and speeds.

Compatible Fixtures: Adjustable to accommodate various fixtures and allow for color changers and dousers.
Dimensions: 23.3" H (26" with clamp) 15" W 7" D
Weight: 28lb (12.7kg) without fixture
Capacity: 40lb (18.1kg)
Pan: 300°
Pan Speed: 180° in 6 seconds
Pan Torque: 5 foot-pounds average
Tilt: 270°
Tilt Speed: 180° in 6 seconds
Tilt Torque: 10 foot-pounds average
Ratings: UL STD 73 Compliant CE
Drive System: High Torque Stepper Motors
Power: Built-in Universal Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto select)
Right Arm Power Requirement: 65 watts
Fixture Power Cord Rating: 15 amps, 250 volts max
Power Cables: 1 for Arm, 1 for fixture
DMX: XLR 5-pin, male/female in/thru


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I really don't want to deter anyone, but I feel obligated to point out that the units being offered are the original Right Arm, not the Right Arm 3. That means they have cherry thumbwheel switches to select the operating mode (resolution and P/T range) and two 4-pin outputs on the side, as opposed to an LCD screen and 1 4-pin and 1 5-pin outputs. We do still service the old RAs, although it is very rare that they need it, but we no longer have the Main PCB, if that were to go bad/get damaged. All the other parts are the same. Like I said though, it is very rare that I see any RA back for repair. I think I could count on two hands the number I have seen in the 10+ years, and there are around 3,000 out in the wild. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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