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I am doing the sound design for a production of Once On This Island. I will be having 12 body packs for the actors with parts… but there is a lot of quiet chorus work. The pit is very percussive instrument heavy… with only the piano… the choir is heard well and is at a good level but when the whole pit plays.. they are lost… not entirely… but there is no presence and clarity from them… what are some solutions for area micing? PCC’s on the front of the stage are out of the question because there is A LOT of dancing and the sound of the dancers movement will over power the choir… Is hanging an option (obviously not PCC’s)… or shotguns… can you hang shotguns?
They are nice looking microphones. We don't ahve anything like that done out here, for hanging mics i will usually use little lav mics, like the ones on body packs only slightly bigger, not sure that they are called. If i need it to bend in a certain direction, florists wire is wicked, doesnt reflect the light cuz of its dull coating ;)
You can have a lof of fun with florists wire, but if you do not have any lav mics (or similar) there was a recent post titled "Audio Related Educational Material by Shure" in which I posted a link to Shure's Educational Materials section.

The URL is:

Wolf also posted one for Audix which has a similar "mic techniques" booklet avail online for download that is helpful to folks micing instruments for the first time for best placement..

I would suggest having a look at the material posted in both these areas as you might find something helpful and be able to get a good result from your existing equipment.

Hanging mics is a great solution for choir sections. Find some thin, decent, front address condenser mics (any brand, but make sure they are all the same), and hang them just downstage of the area the choir stands in. Be ready with the eq to squeeze more gain out. Do not put area mics in the stage monitors.

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