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Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by Hughesie, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Hughesie

    Hughesie Well-Known Member

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    Freelance Lighting Programmer/grandMA Trainer
    Melbourne, Australia
    Well, after deciding on a tafe organisation in melbourne i have been told by industry friends that i would lose work instead of gain it by going to (name witheld) tafe. So appear to have many options just not in melbourne, there is a great private collage in Sydney called Julius Training that has an advanced diploma. Or back in melbourne i can do a course at the victorian collage of arts which has a good reputation but is a 4 year course.

    so my question to controlbooth at large is
    Can i be overqualified in this area of study

    To the aus cb'ers
    can you suggest any good starter courses?
  2. tomed101

    tomed101 Active Member

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    Brisbane. Australia
    I don't know how far you are willing to go but QUT in Brisbane has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in technical production. I am probably going into that next year.

    Check it out here if your interested

  3. Raktor

    Raktor Active Member

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    Melbourne, Australia
    I've done stuff through Julius Media, they have a fairly high reputation.
  4. Chris15

    Chris15 CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Sydney, Australia
    JM are doing Cert III in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane like they used to now... Melbourne is running June 30 - July 11, a terribly convenient time considering the VCE etc...:twisted:

    BHT has a reasonable reputation... The VCA course I imagine is much like what NIDA offer... Have you looked at what it takes to get in...

    Wollongong Uni I think do stuff with it too. WAAPA over in Perth can be added to the list from memory as well...

    But in reality, the opinion of my previous employer, from experience, was that even the JM course, which is probably the best in terms of hands on, doesn't necessarily leave graduates with the practical skills they need. Perhaps you might be better to seek a traineeship, I know my current company has a trainee as do many of the others up here, so presumably someone in Melbourne will take you on... Heck, our Melbourne office might... Basically you get a Cert III and a year of real world experience and the government foots the bill for the Cert III. THEN, you can decide whether you want to go on to further study and if so, in what subdiscipline... It also means you haven't blown 11 or 12 k on a course you don't like...

    Since I'm just over a week from uni exams, chances are I won't be on here much over the next week or two, unless I am working hard to up my marks in procrastination... You've got my email address... (Others wanting to be included or reading this at some later date, contact me via PM or email.) Heck, I probably won't be around much until late July because of World Youth Day...

    And an afterthought... Americans have a bit of a habit of degree inflating, so their advice on degrees and such should not be relied upon... I mean in Australia, the title of Professor is not easy to obtain, whereas in the US, all one needs to do is tutor a class it seems...

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