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alright at school we are doing a play ware we will have a half circle platform 16'' in the middle, around it a rectangular platform 8'' (these are hights) and then a floor lever, the director wants us to paint the floor art deco style, and use black and grays. so im not exactly sure what to do. not sure if anyone can give me some feed back on this.
Urr, not sure if anyone can give you feed back also given you know what you need, just have not gone to the library yet to resurch Art Deco design.

The director has given you enough information it would seem, Art Deco and black/greys sufficient that you only need to find the correct pattern after study into various Art Deco forms and styles.

Only further question I might have for the director after I get back to him or her with a pattern choice I think works with the show might be how much flash/bling bling/intensity do you wish even with these muted colors or less lively color choices that are not really what the intent of that design might have? Go for shades and hues of grey however and you can warm them up or cool them down a multitude of ways in providing that muted and subtle but vivid activity such a design style might have as a concept. Sort of quite and muted organized jazz or chaos by my memory of the effect of it as a design concept. This to the extent of hue and shade or reflectivity of the image (busy, jazzy, or muted) chosen also. You can also do a lot with the reflectivity of this pattern you choose to design given the choice colors given.

Research Art Deco and it as a response to the design style it followed. Than read this history of design in why people went to it as it relates to the script. At that point you understand Art Deco (and this is why I recommend interior design as a necessary college class), you will in expressed wish in design by the director also understand how it supports the actor that will have used this style of design. You are after all at least often designing for the characters in the script while providing them a home.

Hope it helps, time to do the leg work - sorry. But look at it this way, you should within the first hour get a understanding of Art Deco design style, what was the motivation for changing to it in response to a style of design it followed and what it's intent is given your own interpetation of it. This if you don't in further research find a pattern you would like to repeat as that's what best will support the story.
ty very much, u actual gave me what i wanted, i was in a bit of a rush when i posted my question, so i didnt get across the message i ment i guess. i looked int o art deco and found alot of stuff, but wasnt sure how to continue.

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