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Audience Blinders and Sunset

Discussion in 'Safety' started by bobgaggle, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. bobgaggle

    bobgaggle Well-Known Member

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    Philadelphia, PA
    I went to a Senses Fail concert last night with a few of my friends. It was an outdoor venue but I think their setup was designed for indoor use. their two trusses of par-cans (no intel) didn't do much when they started playing at 7 (2.5 hours before sunset) As the light began to fade, the lights were more visible...and so was the hazer they were using. It was kind of pathetic. They had one machine that was putting out haze in front of the upstage lighting truss, but the wind was blowing all the haze back on itself. the rays of only 10 or 15 of the 40 odd lights on the truss could be seen. Then on the band's second to last song, at about nine o'clock, whoever was running lights decided to flash the audience blinders. I was looking at the band when it happened and I thought the sun had just emerged from behind a cloud, it was barely noticable.

    Other than that, it was a great concert. My friend and I started a mosh pit...which the cops subsequently broke up. Cops are real kill-joys.
  2. Pie4Weebl

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    New York City
    As someone who has had to light many a 7pm outdoor concert you just gotta live with the fact that you really won't see too much of the stagelights.

    *shrug* that is jus the way it is. I find myself using the molefays more as it is something thay actually reads when it is light out.

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