Audio Question of the Day #2


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Difficulty: Easy
If you're a sound expert, please refrain from answering until other folks have had a chance to discuss the problem.

Visualize the following situation:

A singer on the stage is really pushing his lungs, with a mic right in front of his face. You have the gain set around -45dB, and the fader at 0 dB. In addition, you have a fairly loud CD soundtrack playing that the singer is singing to, with the fader set at 0 dB (line level input, gain at 0 dB). The mix is too loud, so you bring the Mix faders down to -30 dB or so. You listen and notice the mix sounds kinda bad.

I won't give the answer away, but it's the reason that VCA's are nice.
The actor's voice is distorting at the mic and it's all down hill from there.
Questiopn for Hughesie89. what is mimeing (tipical). or is it just spelled badly

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