Audio Technica transmitters turning off on their own


Hey all,

We have been having an issue lately with our Audio Technica ATW-t310 body packs turning off on their own. We make sure they have fresh batteries, and that the access door is closed after turning them on. Can anyone think of a reason why these packs might turn off on their own? Do they have an auto shutoff feature if they can’t connect to a receiver? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

The transmitter does not really connect to its receiver in any way; it merely transmits the radio signal, and the receiver either picks it up or it does not (or, for that matter, many receivers could pick up the same signal). The radio signals flow in one direction only.

If I had to guess, I'd suspect maybe a loose connection or flakey button in the transmitter is causing it to reset due to jostling about. I'd inspect the battery terminal connections to the circuit board (or to their wires) carefully, and likewise the control button pads and rubber bits (or whatever they're composed of). If the body packs are actually staying powered up but simply ceasing to emit a signal, checking the antenna connection would be a good place to start.
I would shake it, tap on it, and gently flex the case to see if I could reproduce it shutting off. Once you identify what causes it, you'll be closer to fixing it. DrewE covered the possibilities pretty well, but I would add a cold or broken solder joint and a crack on the circuit board, because body packs tend to get dropped once in awhile.
Thank you all for your input! After hours of testing trying to recreate the issue, I figured it out. And it’s a stupid problem. We found that the students who were helping change batteries were not “locking” the battery door by sliding the lock switch up. They closed the doors so they clicked shut, but I found that if the doors weren’t fully locked, the spring pressure from the batteries often pushed the door open enough to shut the unit off. Yes, it was that simple and I’m amazed that I didn’t figure it out sooner 🤦‍♂️

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