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I need a wall case for our audio equipment. Two problems: one-in order to get to the back of the equipment the case must open down, not sideways, (we have no lateral space) and two, the Crown amp is 15" deep add a couple of inches for connectors and the depth has to be about 18"...which is deeper than most cabinets.
Any suggestions?
How many rack spaces is the unit going to be? It may be a pain to access the back of the equipment only from the bottom if there are too many. As for needing a bigger size - build it or find someone who can build it to specification.


No, I think you misunderstood. What I need is a wall rack cabinet, that hinges to the wall in a manner so that the cabinet is hinged at the bottom and opens downward, allowing you access to the rear of the rack. I do not have space on the sides to open a cabinet to get to the rear sideways.
Racks usually have a door in the front (which I need to access the equipment) and the cabinet is hinged so that it opens up to get to the rear connections of the rack.


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Yup, I see what you're talking about, and I have never seen one which opens downward. It would need some sort of very strong lower-assist device so that you didn't get a rack full of components in your face.

I'd say that this is gonna have to be a custom job.

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