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bake the cable

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by lieperjp, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Baking cables is a method used to get all the twists out of your cables.

    To do so, wait for a warm, sunny day. Find a stretch of asphalt/concrete long enough to spread your cables out. Lay the cables out in the sun and wait a couple hours for the twists to "bake" out.

    And while you've got them all out, take your favorite adhesive remover and remove all that tape goo that isn't supposed to be on the cables, too.

    No amount of safe heat is going to magically eradicate kinks in cable. Extending them out horizontally does most of the work. Working the kinks toward a connector, allowing it to twist or untwist as it wants, does the rest. See lay.

    See the thread
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