Beam angle - Prospot 250 LX

I've got 4 Coemar Prospot 250 lx's. Suddenly one of them seems like it has a wider beam angle. I've never noticed it before so I'm wondering if I might have accidently changed something while I was cleaning it.
I read somewhere a while ago that there are two different beam angles for this fixture. Does anyone know how to change it?


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It's a small world after all! We've got 4 ProSpots too. The photometric PDF I have says the standard beam angle is 15 degrees. 12 degrees and 18 degrees are options. I don't know of any way to adjust the angle that would be accidental. Surely you'd have to replace a lens somewhere.
Is it significantly wider than normal? If so, perhaps the prism effect has been knocked into the beam and become stuck.
Coemar's website.
It's definitely not the prism. I suppose that I may have just not noticed it before but pretty unlikely.
It could have been the angle of my perspective, I'll check it out again tomorrow.

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