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Beam Projector

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by coolbeam, Sep 28, 2008.

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    A nearly obsolete type of lighting fixture having no lens and a parabolic reflector, producing near-parallel light rays. Most common sizes are 10", 16", and 24", with lamps ranging from 500W-2000W. Most were line voltage fixtures, but those from Strand and Reich & Vogel using a compact, low-voltage filament were often used as onstage followspots.
    From the Strand Archive, two sizes of Strand Beamlite, aka "beam light."

    Link to Kliegl 3440. Link to Altman 660 pdf.

    A Century? (plug says Century, fixture appears identical to Altman 660) 12" model, with MPF socket using BTL/BTN/BTR lamp family.

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