Been busy.


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Finished a church job today. Upgraded their sanctuary PTZ camera to high def, upgraded the sound in the sanctuary with a digital mixer and new speakers.
Installed new speakers in the class rooms and hallway. All new ceiling speakers in the fellowship hall along with upgraded mixing and switching capabilities.

Tomorrow we hold a teaching session in a local town hall so they get comfortable with the new 75" TV with built-in Windows 10, and is a touch screen, new HD PTZ Camera and upgraded mics for the coucil members.

Thursday I start on the UUFR church with sound for the new fellowship hall, 85" TV, assisted listening loop and a Hi-def camera in the sanctuary to feed the 85".

Sometime soon I have a shock mount gooseneck mic to install in another church's pulpit.

48 years loving what I do.
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Glad to hear you are back and doing well.


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Todays 20 minute install. U859QL 18.5" gooseneck mic and AT8662 shock mount.


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