bench focus?


I just started at a new theatre (well I started mid-season last year, so it's my first season opener here) and I have to bench focus our equipment. Problem is, I have never bench focused anything but source 4's and etc pars. I have a fleet of strand instruments (older ones), altman's, shakespeare's, pars, and fresnels. Does anyone have any tips on how to bench focus these?
I know that there is a thread somewhere on exactly this. I'm sure that if you stick bench focus into the search utility that it will be found.
I own a bunch of those old Strand fixtures, at least I think they're the same kind-they have a joystick on the back as well as the lamp seating adjust on the sides. To bench, it's a combo move-moving the lamp joystick and adjust where the entire base sits. I've found that benching them is at the begining of a season is great but be prepared to bench them every time you move them! Hope that helps.

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