Best Cyc Light

Ship I'm pretty sure that is why they were called T-3 lamps.... Istill call them T-3's, and every shop I pull out of know what i'm talking about :)

Now my personal preference is two-sided.
If lighting a Cyc, from very near it, I strongly Prefer Par 64 Striplights lamped @ MFL. Great Even color wash.

If lighting from a foot or 2 away I'll take the Altman Focusing Cyc


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Altman's running a sale on their EC series Cyc's right now I believe. Don't know how good a sale it is, if the dealers will follow suite however or if it would be what's in mind. Just something to look at.

Also one of our members a few months back had the American DJ cyc lights show up in his theater. Perhaps he might post with a few months/year later review of them.


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I would suggest not purchasing the ADJ border lights for a real theatre application. They are poorly made and will not hold up. And this is from an ADJ dealer.

Your money will be better invested with any of the Altman offerings.


A cyc/groundrow light that no one has mentioned yet is the Selecon Aurora. We have them at my university and have them lamped at 625 watts. They are brighter and more even than our old (now deceased) Altman 1000 watt cyc lights. And we're getting the same brightness while being able to three-fer them on a 2.4kw dimmer. They don't eat gel (even saturated stuff like GAM850.) We had a pretty well-known professional dance lighting designer who recently saw the light out of the Auroras and flipped out. He immediately wanted to know who we had bought them from and ordered a set for his next show the next day. They really are amazing.


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Thanks for all the recommendations. We ended up going with the L&E Runt after consulting with our dealer (Norcostco Tacoma). The Runts actually cover our scrim perfectly lamped with EJG's. He was able to get us everything: instruments, 3-cell yokes, lamps, plugs, and all necessary hardware, for the great price of $1500. And the best part is it all works on three 2.4kw dimmers.


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MircleWorker said:
Altman Sky-Cyc, with the fancy adjustable beam angle. Better than strips.

I don't believe the Sky-Cyc has adjustable beam angle. We have 12 of them and I love them but I have never found a way to adjust the angle.

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