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Hello all,

Background: I am looking to replace my cruddy Beringer Eurodesk SX3282 which is dying after only 6 years
I work at a high school and use Qlabs v3
We don't do any recording just play back (not saying we won't ever do recording)
We use 16 wireless, choir mics, Aux inputs, we use about 28 inputs in total, so a 32 channel board is good
We output to 8 different locations in the space
I have been using an analog boards all my life and love them

I wanted to look into the digital world so I can have a built in EQ, SFX, Feedback control, compressor, mute groups, and an ability to send and receive to Qlab. My fear is needing to adjust a fader/EQ quickly (for me or a student) and having to flip through pages to find the issue or not having enough interface to interact with or the Board not being able to do what I would like.

Any one have suggestions for me to look at?

There is a lot on the market and I have about $3-5k
I have started to do research and it sounds like PreSonus has issues and all the older posts talk about firewire 800, but I think that age is past and I would like to connect via USB to my Mac Pro.

Thank you for any input


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Sounds like you might be pushing 32 channels once you get a 32 channel :). Once you go 32, inevitably the next step is 48!

Some very general thoughts for you, as you'll find many discussion and thread topics in this forum about just this question. For the budget Digital Console Realm in the price range you listed, I think there are basically 5 consoles between 3 brands.

Berhingher/Midas, x32/M32
Yamaha, TR5
Allen & Heath, Qu32/GLD80/GLD112

At the high end but with more functionality you have the GLD80/and it's larger surface counter part the 112 pushing just beyond the 5k Range for a working setup.

I wouldn't by a board based on it's ability to also be an "audio Interface" for Qlab. Great quality interfaces can be had for between 200-500 Dollar. If you are looking for a "digital input" for your Qlab many interfaces can supply SPIDF and AES out for SPDIF and AES on all of the consoles above.

Even more budget friendly, and universally useful would be a Quality USB DI like the one by Radial Engineering that outputs 2 balanced Stereo XLR jacks.

If you are looking to "multi track" or setup multiple playback zones wit Qlab SFX then things get a little more ornery but still capable with in reason in the budget live digital console world.
I have a Yamaha LS9 which is a grandpa digital console to those listed above. I have a Mac connected to a Focusrite Sapphire pro40. (20 in/ 20 out in varying degrees of connector analogue and digital) For simple stereo playback out of Qlab I use the Digital SPDIF out on the Sapphire Pro40 straight to a digital SPDIF In on the console. It's literally 1 USB cable between PC and Interface, and 1 RCA cable between Interface and Console.

Let us know the capabilities you are looking to get out of your Qlab - Console connection and maybe we can better help dial you down to some products.
[EDIT] side note, i just recently did a little jerry rigging with Midi cables between the console and interface so I can use the user define keys on the console to advance,previous,go,stop qlab cues.

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