Best remedy to create blacklight effect with CMY instruments?

Hey All,

I'm working on a production of "The Little Mermaid" and the director wants to play around with a blacklight effect for one or two of the songs. Budgets are a thing so I'm trying to work with the non-conventional instruments our venue has to offer first.

We Have:
2 - SolaspotPro 1500
5 - Maverick MK1 Spots
4 - Chauvet DJ Lekos
8 - RGBW Altman Par 100

In your experience, what stock colors - or manual mixing best works to create that blacklight/pop effect?

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None of these can reach into the UV wavelengths (400nm or lower). You might get a saturated purple light out of some of them but it won't contain any of the frequencies needed to get a UV effect.

Better options include UV fluourescent fixtures, UV cannons, legit UV LED (Apollo Avere) some of which may be available for rent.

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