Design Issues and Solutions Best way to precisely up-light scenic/drape without spilling onto screens.


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Hello all,

Wondering if there is any sort of 'precise' color wash out there that replaces LED Strips or Colorblazes for example. To be used to up-light drape or scenery but control the spill of the light (e.g. shuttered off projection screens).

I would totally just use a variety of Lekos and front light these scenic elements (atomic panels under the screens for example) BUT then we run into weird shadows and whatnot when people walk in front of them.

We already use a wide variety of LED fixtures to just do general up-wash, providing color up light. BUT for the scenic elements under the projection screens, it seems like even with black wrap, barn doors, etc. we still lose a lot of light and have a lot of unwanted bleed.

Is there any type of ground support ellipsoidal? Like a modified LEKO, with framing shutters and the ability to do crisp beam focus, but designed to be used as up-light?


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You can put regular lekos on floor bases for uplight, but the results won't be very good - The optics are a double edge sword... too precise an instrument to get a good even wash from close up.

The best way I've found is to have the screen a couple feet infront (downstage) of the scenic that is below it, so that you can uplight the scenic with strips or washes from the floor and they miss the screen entirely.


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Depending upon your space; do you have any possibility of cross lighting from far enough away that an ellipsoidal's beam has a chance to widen out and your spill light ends up out of sight in the opposite wing?
Ron Hebbard.


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Depending on your situation, you may be able to get away with a line of mirrors (Maybe the cheap bathroom-door type) on the deck, with lekos focused down from above.

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