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Goodmorning fanatics.

I am a volunteer technical director for a church/school.

The school we work with has a well aged Bijou lighting console that has decided to act up. After about an hour, but before four hours of use, the console will blackout the attached vga monitor, drop the current dmx output, and lockout any changes. After a simple reboot all functionality returns as it was before the blackout.

Any words of advice for a fix? We will be replacing the board in a few weeks, but that’s a few shows from now.


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If you haven't already, do a search for [Bijou] it has been discussed a lot with options for help with service and such. I do have two thoughts tickling my brain, with older electronics capacitors going bad can sometimes do weird things and also the internal battery which stores memory data do go bad. The Bijou does have an internal battery.


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Good Morning Brandon

The battery is high on my list as well
Check to see if the fan is running, as John stated, old caps do funky things and the PSU may be heating up.
This almost sounds like a global issue and if it were on my bench, the first thing I'd look at would be the PSU.

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