birdie ellipsoidal lighting

The 3.5Q by Altman is the closest ellipsoidal to a 'birdie' I've seen. They usually go for around 165-200.00 each. They look really cool I think.
I'm looking for it for a little more cheaper. I want it like a "gag" gift and am willing to spend like 70 dollars on it.
So if this is a Leko you are looking for, $70.00 in resale might be possible for a 3.1/2" Leko. Look for a perhaps 3.5Q5 or 3.5Q6. Still not understanding where "birdie" term comes from since it's still normally a PAR 16 can which on it's own given a few of them cold be a nice enough present unless pattern projector or Leko is specific to the necessity.

But in gift, any economical used lighting fixture is not much of one unless in safe condition and nice looking condition. Some amount of inspection and perhaps even painting on your part might be needed. Also for lamps, a Ushio HX-401 lamp as a long life 400w lamp in Leko the fixture might be much more user friendly in not burning down the place due to heat of a more normal lamp in it.

I for wedding presents have otherwise gone for the 3" Fresnel - "Inkie" when outfitted as a four pack half with barn doors and half with top hats. Two to four of them can often be just as effective in the "wow factor" and easier to get. Much less in wattage, safer to give away.

Is your intent to give a Leko for a specific reason or just small lighting fixture?
someone told me that they thought it was called a birdie. on this ellipsodal, the shutters dont move and it doesnt have a lens. its just ment for a little light. for example, putting it 3 feet from a piece of art work to give the art work more illumination. its not ment for real theatre use
It would seem than that it's some form of architectural or display light. Given this, you than know it's advantages and disadvantages thus value for cost. On the other hand since stage and studio fixtures are not rated for architectural install, you might be best off for a install in giving more intent to this fixture. Given there is a lot of architectural Lekos and pattern projectors on the market. Just read about one on that was a MR-11 lamp with very low profile ceiling can assembly which would be ideal for my parents. But even at dealer cost, it was over $600.00 per fixture and definately not worth the money. Granted it only stuck out from the ceiling by about an inch and a half, but for the money something more high profile or even remote lit fiber optic at that even dealer cost will have been in the budget.

In other words, lots of better or worse and more expensive and not architectural lights on the market without even getting into stage lighting fixtures not rated for the purpose.
the thing rudy is looking for uses a incandessant houshold lamp probably between 60 and 120W. it is not actually intended for professional use from my understanding, but as a light for ur home. the shutters dont really work because it is not for controlled light, it is just a houdehold light that looks like an elliposidal hes actually not intending to buy it, i am as a birhday gift for him, but i killed the surprise by telling him because i have never seen it and he was telling me about it. if anyone knows where i can find one please let me know, his Bday was several weeks ago :)

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