Black and White

My director wants to do the twilight zone in black and white. Are there any tricks to incorporate gray colors or give it that feel. I do realize the set will have to be painted in black and white and so will the actors. But any tips will be great.
Any way that your director will let you throw in some Bastard Amber and do it kind of sepia? It would be easier to do that way.
I've done 2 black and white shows... and 1 thats got a black and white set and colored costumes...

Sepia, in my opinion does not belong on stage unless you are doing a country western or are trying to respresent something that happened before the other parts of the play (kinda like a flashback)

For b&w... Use lots and lots of n/c straws... also, n/c blue, and maybe a little of n/c pink... You can also try just useing 'hot' lights w/o any gels... these work too if you don't have the n/c's in stock.

You might have to go a little heavier on the makeup, but thats what you get with a b&w set...

Every time I have done basicly that and it always looks awesome. (especially if you use a lavender backlight!)
ricc0luke, do you have any pictures? since im currently designing a show that has kinda a...prison look, like very gray and dreary.
Just to let ya know, I will get you the pictures as soon as I get them. I should be getting them soon, we just finished the show 2 weeks ago, but I am getting them from a good friend who owns a multimedia production company, so as soon as I get them I will get them to ya!
i would imagine using a lot of colour correction (chris james/lee 201) to give a very cold and white feel.
contrast this with a lot of dark shadows and you will get your prison scene

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