Black and White


May 18, 2004
Upstate New York
Hello all,
I've been trying to find information about doing black and white live theatre. The Community Theatre I'm involved with is adamant about doing this for our next production in the fall and I'm quite unsure how to go about doing it. Is the best approach to try with Makeup or Lighting we have a decent lighting system however I'm afraid if it has to be too much more advanced than what we have we'll never have the budget for it

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Mar 29, 2003
go to past questions on this specific subject here on Control Booth, Pro Sound's old lighting forum, and Lighting Network, in addition to stagecraft which had it's own discussion on the topic as I remember.

This topic was covered on all four websites to a very interesting extent with lots of good ideas that would be hard to improve upon. Can't say there is not other ideas out there but there is already a lot of concepts out there and very workable solutions.