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    1. A blinder, or flipper, is a hinged sheet metal "barn door" mounted on the edge of a striplight (x-ray), to enable the light to be cut off to a relatively hard line. Typically, a blinder is found on PAR 56 and PAR 64 striplights. Adjustment is by a short length of lightweight chain on each end of the striplight. Obviously only useful when the fixture is hanging and not used as a ground row. A notation on the Light Plot should state "Flippers US" or "Flippers DS".


    A smaller version of this type of blinder was added by NYC rental shops to Colortran FarCyc units and Altman SkyCyc units to allow the downstage spill of the asymmetric-reflector cyc light to be controlled.

    2. Shortened version of audience blinder.
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