Blue tooth support for dell axim and GrandMA


ok,, Now i know that this is deff the forum i need. i have recently purchased a dell axim 50, wich is a kicka@@ pocket pc. Here is the problem, Grandma is hooked up to a system called sidewinder wich is then sent via bluetooth to a palmone program called figment,, it works wonderfully, with everyone who has a palm one operating system,, wich excludes me, is there anyway i can set my axim, wich is wifi, infrared, and bluetooth, enabled, to comunicate to GrandMA and run cues and lights. Any advice would be good.

Side note, if a show called cookin comes to your theatre,, trust me, ,buy a realllyyyyyy big broom.
I dont really know what interfaces a GrandMA has, but you could (if there is software available to do it) use Wi-fi to go to a computer next to your GrandMA and use MIDI out of that comptuer into the GrandMA. The physical pluging of this isnt hard, the hard part would be gettng software to do anything like this...
yes it is different software, but what i'm saying is that there is probably a program out there for windows mobile.
"virtual mac" is a software program its self that acts as a contanier/translator/go-between for the mac os and the windows OS and chipsets. the Mac os runs and sends all its commands through this program to be translated to a "language" a PC processor can understand then everthing runs back through this program to the mac os. This works, but it is typically slower then just runing an OS normally.
ditto.... i was asumeing that virtual mac would be the same as virtual PC in reverse...

I know why noone knows about the software.... no PC user has ever found a reason to use Mac Software!!! :) ok, ya, that was a low blow and I'm sorry, but I defanatly like PCs better then Macs (just personal oppinion and we dont have to start a whole debate about which is better!)
Not even close. Virtual PC on a mac emulates an x86 machine and responds to x86 instructions. You would need a PowerPC emulation. PearPC which is an open source project is working on this and making progress. They've got a long way to go before they have the perf of Virtual PC on Mac, or even more so - VMWare on a PC, or a VMWare ESX deployment.

As I've said in other threads here, IT is what I do. I work almost entirely with large enterprise class Windows installations. I'm a fan of OS X machines and would gladly take one if it ran all the stuff I need to do my job. OS X is not OS9 from back in the day - it's for real, stable like Windows, and has a lot of good software built for it.

I will buy Apple any day to do graphics and video work. You need to revisit the use of a Mac very seriously - it's not the little kid int he corner anymore.
Yes, I play with the brand NEW macs all the time (my school has a laptop lease program) and all my time is spent fixing them! And I spent a full semester last year working on Macs in a lab doing web design class, and we couldnt even get them to save text files in the format that the simple default text editor said it was saving them in!

Ok, enough of this mac/pc talk, i have been through it too many times already, lets just all dual boot windows (for the # of compatible programs) and Linux (Mac OS with accessable settings)!
not replying to end this deviation from the orignal question asked.

Ya, about that, I think the hardest part of what you are trying to do is software and compatiblity as has been mentioned... I think you might just have to try all the options you have and see if you can get it working... sorry if that's not much help. Maybe others will have more advice

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