Book For Derek.


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I'd be interested to hear if that's any good.

In all seriousness, Derek you should take a crack on such a subject. A 20-40 page PDF, call it the "CB Expert Series" of common-rights publishing.


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actually that would be interesting

a ebook series of things to help the new technical sorts.

i would love to be part of that


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Hey Derek, is this book among the titles of your library?

The Followspot Guide
No, but it's on my wish list, though not high (and my birthday just passed). Too expensive, and the author is British. No offense intended, just that I bought his PracticalDMX and regret it. Discussed too much English practice, and every other page says "Use CAT5 as DMX cable so you'll be future proof." Fine sentiment, but I didn't need $50 to learn that. And something off about a Brit writing a book about something that happened due to USITT, and STEVETERRY, et al.

Also I read somewhere that the book is not comprehensive, I believe doesn't include manufacturer Strong (the ETC of followspotery) or Lycian (the Strand,) can't remember which. But I'm sure the book loves Robert-Juliat, I'm the only one who doesn't. Hmm, an R/J spot with chocolate in every colorframe AND taped to the front--my personal vision of H E you-know-where.;)

I'm still formulating a plan to raise money for CB based on our collective knowledge...will advise when it becomes public.


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No Strong or Lycian? Yea, that might be a pass. Oh and one of those color frames must have some R3206.

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