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This summer our community theatre company is putting on a production of 'Singin' in the Rain'... another one of those movies-turned-musicals. For the show we need some break-away doors for an actor to crash through and the only re-usable idea we can think of is to construct doors from 1.5" extruded foam and cut it into pieces. Than we would flex-coat the pieces and reconstruct the door within its jamb with tooth-picks to keep it together.

Does anyone have another idea. We need two break-away doors that have to be used in 9 performances and 5 rehearsals, so they need to be pretty durable, though we would build back-ups.


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I actually think you've got the best Idea right there. Using foam and toothpicks is ingenious!.
Run a check for VSSSD with the search tool. it could come in real handy for this project. Good luck !
Side note a local theatre here is doing Singing in the Rain as well, I'm going to be working with their TD on the rain, as My first show of next season is Home and Garden, and I need a lot of rain.


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I'm doing the show end of july, probably to late for you. I believe we are renting the set, I'll pass on how its done on that set for the future.

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