Bright but Dark?!?

SLC Tech

Does any of you lighting tech have clients that come up to you and say " we want this scene BRIGHT but DARK?" I just have to laugh to myself! :lol:
Well, I'm a long way from having real clients, but I have a theory that PTO parents are worse. I had to light "American Idol" in the high school theatre for an afterprom activity. I had parents coming up to me asking if we had any lights that simultaneously drop gold glitter. They also wanted our lights to move in rhythm to the music, and considering we're a humble theatre of nothing fancier than source fours. I was ever so sad to dissappoint them.
Well you can be bright but dark... if you light from high angles with saturated colors you can light the object well but it will appear to be dark.
Good point on the angles...also, side light can add reasonable visibility but can be focused to avoid scenic surfaces.
Keep the lights jumping, but smooth.
I have a director that says that all the time she has no clue how to do lighting. If you bright the light down she will complain that you can see the person on stage. It goes back and forth untill we are on to the next seen.

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