broken dimmers


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Does anyone know if there was a recall or any known problems with the ETC Smartpack dimmers? I have 3 of them, and two of them have a broken dimmer. It is stuck full on. I've checked the board, all of the circuitry, and everything else, and I know for a fact it is the dimmer.

anyone know if there is a known problem/recall on them?

there the ETC Smartpack 12 dimmers per rack, 1.2kw

I will eventually get in contact with them. problem is the arts director is talking to the people who installed the system without me, so there asking him to check such and such and call back tomorrow (such as the patch on the board). I need to sit with him while hes on the phone and make sure we can get them fixed. We got them new, so they need to be under warrantee still.......

i was just looking for the possibility that I had forgotten something stupid....
I think ETC would probably be willing to stay on the line with you and run different tests with you over the phone, so you could have the troubleshooting done in one day instead of dragging it out over a span of several days as it seems now.

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