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Budget Android Tablet recommendations (for work, not games)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by NickVon, Jun 13, 2019 at 11:40 PM.

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    After some searching I didn't find any threads related to android tablets of choice or things to consider when looking to purchase.

    I'm thinking about picking up one for my digital mixer app, but being in the Apple camp for so long I'm not really sure what i'm looking for.

    I'm not looking to Play Fortnight on it.

    I am looking to use any mixpad apps for console manufactures that have an android app
    I am looking to use ETC nomad/rfr app
    I am looking to use some audio tools RTA's/network analyzer and basic stereo recorder

    I am like to be able to watch Netflix on it.

    How important is finding a tablet with the Newest Android OS support, is it as limiting for apps as being behind in the Apple OS world?

    64GB i'm sure would be plenty of storage yes?

    10" ish screen i think is what i'm looking at? Does larger make more sense.

    under 250$

    What other things should I be considering, and do you all have any thoughts on something which fits these needs?

    As I already have an Ipad this would be a tablet that would travel with my console and act mostly as backup or something I could leave with a board op.
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