Building and Installing Our New Shell, a Video


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Just thought I'd post this up for anybody who hasn't been part of or seen a shell build. Its a summary of what was about a 12 day process for building the shell. Doesn't include the 2 weeks we worked on the rigging in advance, but it has a time lapse of some of the process as well as some footage from us actually doing the work. We learned a lot and I have no desire to build another any time soon.

Some details: its a total of 9 towers, the tallest towers are 31' working down to the shortest towers at 27'. We motorized 7 linesets prior to this work using Tiffin Scenic motors and rigging and we also needed to reinforce our grid for the added weight. The whole process took about a month, two and a half weeks for the rigging and two and a half weeks for the shell build itself.

The ceiling pieces can all store in our basement on carts and we will have to strike it often to clear the stage for road shows, but the towers will hang in storage above the stage from 10 motors and 100' of truss.


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