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Building Controls

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Edrick, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Edrick

    Edrick Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Boston, MA
    So what does everyone around here use for building controls in their theaters, pre programmed lighting, projection screens for school theaters, ect...

    What is your Architecture Control System.
  2. soundlight

    soundlight Well-Known Member

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    NJ & NYC
    We don't use it in our theatre specifically, but every other "performance space" on campus (lecture halls, auditoriums, screening rooms, etc, everything except the big performing arts hall and the theatre department uses AMX architectural controls. The other big auditorium on campus (now has an M7CL and a JBL line array, making the theatre department very jealous because we know that they won't use any of it to it's full potential because all they have up at one time max is 8 or so mics and a few playback sources) had a Lehigh Dimming architectural system with nice interface stations for their lighting. In our theatre specifically, we use the ETC proprietary direct control houselight/worklight system for all of our houselights and worklights. It's got panic/worklight stations, a lockout station, a master control/patch station, and various places to plug in fader/button stations, each with a 50' cable with 30 or so conductors in it.

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