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Anyone know a place to get audio cable by the roll, cheap, and deliverable to, or located in, Canada? I cant find anything compared to what I've found in the states. I found a site to get 300' rolls of mic line, for $49 US, but they wont ship it up here.....damn them....

wow, $50 for 300 feet of cable?? dang that's good!

if you are making speaker cable I have used extension cords alot, buy a 50 foot one, cut off the end and solder on 1/4 plugs. Works ok. the cords are bright orange of course....no one will ever "borrow" them :)

other than that, sorry, but could you say where you found the 300 feet of mic cable for $50? :)
the source is www.speakerrepair.com they have an ebay store also. I'm sure its not the greatest cable (no match for say, Canare) but at 300 feet for 50 bucks. cant go wrong.
soundman said:
If anyone knows of a cheap source for about a 100 feet of 8/3
Cheapest I found was 2.15 a foot, might have to rething the power situation

check ebay..i picked up 700 feet of 2 AWG cable for a few hundred, including the shipping cost.

you can also try barbizon lighting www.barbizon.com. i don't know if they sell 8/3, but it's worth a try.
WOW! - what did you use the 2AWG cable for?
your best bet

Your best bet for 8/3 cable would most likely be the local electrical store. Online you have shipping costs, so give them a try.

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