Buying Bulk Cable Cheep?


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Whats the best place to buy bulk audio cable and connectors from? I'm supposed to rewire the entire sound system this winter in the off season...

Also, while I'm at it, where is the cheepest place to buy 12/3 and 14/3 SO or SJ cable in bulk?


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For the electrical, either try your local hardaware store or BMI Supply.

For the audio cable you can try either Markertek or Alpha Sound and Lighting.

For the connectors, I would definately go with Markertek.


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See if you can find an electrical wholesaler. If not Lowes/Home Depot would probably be your best bef for the 12/3 or 14/3. Also figure out which one you need. 12/3 can handle 20 amps of current where as 14/3 can handle 15 amps. (I'm pretty sure those figures are correct, if not please correct me.) Also don't forget the 10% rule. You only want to use 18 amps on a 20 amp breaker (10% of 20 amps is 2 subtract 2 amps from 20) and 13.5 on a 15 amp breaker. The reason is if your voltage is low you will pull more ampers to curve the low voltage. That way you can handle a low voltage without worrying about your wire.

The 10% rule is one electricians tend to follow, though I haven't heard much about it in the tech business but I figured I would share it.


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I believe that both will hold 20 amps, it's just the distane factor. For a cable over 25 feet at 20 amps, 12/3 must be used. Up to that, 14/3 is fine.


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According to the Backstage Handbook, for 20 amps, 14/3 is suitable up to 25', 12/3 up to 50', and for 100', you need 8/3.


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I'm not familiar with the book you're citing, however it is wrong.

The National Electrical Code states the values I listed above.

BTW: 8/3 is rated for 44 amps at 100 feet.

IEEE Ampacity - NEC Ampacity - Lowest Ampacity
14 - 18 - 17.6 - 17.6
12 - 24 - 22 - 22
10 - 31 - 30.8 - 30
8 - 42 - 44 - 42
6 - 55 - 57.2 - 55

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