Bye Bye Birdie


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I'm currently designing the lighting for a production fo Bye Bye Birdie at a local High School. Its fun to be back at a school, and teach the kids stuff. The show itself is another story, I think its terribly outdated.
Anyone has any interesting stories about this show? I've gone to 2 crew meetings and have already seen enought stuff to scare me!


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Ugh. Add this to the list of shows that I have done ENOUGH times. The last time we did it, the only really fun thing we did was inspired by a strange stage direction. During the number "Ed Sullivan," there is a stage direction that says "People come out of the woodwork" Suggesting that people walk in from nowhere and begin to sing along. We took it's meaning rather literally, and built in a hole everywhere possible. All of the cabinets would open and actor's heads would pop out singing. Two of the stairs flipped up: actors singing. The fridge opened, actors. The pictures on the walls flipped open, actors. Kind of like a horrid nightmare I keep having :p. It twas quite funny. /my bye bye birdie story.


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Hate that show...done it one too many times...but then I hate all the shows I've had to do over and over and over.. What do ya wanna know about the show? Think "gong-show meets small town cheesey plot meets Elvis gets drafted kind of story" and you got the thing down..



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We did this show three years ago. I HATED IT. That "We love you Conrad... Oh yes we do" song from the start of the show was stuck in my head for months.


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i think this is one of those shows EVERYONE has done 1 too many times. I just finished doing it for my, ::starts counting on fingers::...6th time..

argh "we love you conrad" and all the "AHHHHHHHH"s

luckily, ive done the show enough to know when screams are coming, and while teching, cover my ears....


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I think we watched that movie once in band, though I can't remember because I lost interest in it immediately and stopped paying attention.

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