Bytesize dimmer problems


Someone's just handed me a dimmer rack made by the Australian company Bytecraft. It's a Bytesize dimmer, can't remember the model number or anything but it's a few years old (SCR not anything new and fancy :) ) It was last used in London to light Cats and was working when it was removed. Somewhere between ripping it off the rack and it ending up in my lap the 3 phase supply cable was removed and rewired, I've had a look and it appears to have been connected properly. When the unit is plugged in it powers up and immediately a red hazard LED starts flashing on the front console with a repeater LED on the main logic board. the breakers are fine, I've pressed what I think is the logic reset button and am starting to get pretty stumped. There is a D shaped data connector of some sort on the back (as well as socaplex and DMX etc), perhaps it wants to talk to a monitoring unit or something? Just wondered if anyone had had similar problems with a 3phase dimmer rack (even though us Brits are on 240v :) ) or if anyone knew where I could get bytecraft service manuals online. (their website is too busy pushing their latest racks to help me). Any ideas however stupid appreciated :)
I own six of these racks. (and live 10minutes from bytecrafts head office lol).

My racks did this once, i will find all the service records tomorrow and will be able to give you a bit more information, but from memory they had to be sent into bytecraft to be repaird, there was an internal issue in the racks.

Any lighting service retailer in your area should be able to troubleshoot the problem for you.

ANyway will see if I can find you some more information!

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